Sweet Action: NFL Week 3

Kevin, the host of the D.C. Sports Guys, will start the NFL season with $100 of his own money. The objective is simple: make as much as possible betting on NFL games. No funds can be added during the season. He will either lose it all or be smoking a victory cigar on February 7, 2010.

Week #2 did not go well.  Tennessee's defense broke down and Seattle without Hasselbeck just can't get the job done.   The metrics don't lie, all that remains in the betting account is $48.33.  The Sweet Action segment has taken a turn for the worse.  This week I hope to get back in the green with 4 bets that risk $35 to win $193.58.

I was told the post last week was a bit too long.  Instead of going over every game, I'm only going to comment on the teams I've picked to win or cover this week. 

N.Y. Giants
Even with the injuries to Dixon, Canty and Ross the Giants are still a very good football team.  Substitutes like Manningham have stepped in to keep the Giants in the win column.  It pains me to say it but the Giants might have the best all around team in the NFL.  Expect the G-men to be 3-0 going into week 4.

Action: Take the Giants on the money line

Chicago Bears

The Bears go into Seattle this week.  Seattle is not an easy place to get a win, but it becomes easier when Matt Hasselbeck is injured.  If Hasselbeck does play, Chicago's defense needs to hit him early and often.  Without their #1 QB at the helm Seattle won't be able to keep up with the Bears.

Action:  Chicago -3
New York Jets

The Jets find themselves three point favorites going into week 3 against the Titans.  The Jets proved who they were last week against the Patriots. Tennessee on the other hand fell to 0-2 losing to a Texans team the Jets blew out in week 1.  The Jets defense matches up well against Tennessee and their offense is good enough to score a few touchdowns.

Action: Jets -3
Green Bay Packers

Green Bay gets the perfect bounce back game facing St. Louis this week.  Even with this game in St. Louis don't expect any upsets.  Aaron Rodgers should have a big game against a week Rams defense.

Action: Packers on the money line.
Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are 5 point dogs going into New England on Sunday.  The Patriots could easily be 0-2.  If you want to call this an "upset special" go ahead, but Atlanta is clicking on all cylinders while the the churn in players and coaching staff is finally starting to show itself in New England.

Action: Atlanta +5
New Orleans Saints

The Saints face a tough opponent in week 3 against the Bills.  And by tough, I mean that Drew Brees should only throw for about 300 years and 3 touchdowns.

Action: Saints on the money line
San Diego Charges

The Chargers get the Dolphins at home this week.  The Dolphins have not shown they can stop a good offense to win a game.  They meet a great offense when they face San Diego.  While Miami can keep this game interesting don't expect them to win.

Action: San Diego on the money line.
Cincinnati Bengals

Who are the Bengals?  Week 1 was a surprise, only putting up 7 points against Denver.  In week 2 however, Cincinnati broke out of it's shell.  The Bengals at home with Carson Palmer starting are good enough to put up 21 points against Pittsburgh.  Cincinnati's defense is also good enough to keep the Steelers offense in check.

Action: Cincinnati +4 and on the money line
Houston Texans

The Texans are another team the finally put their offense together in week 2.  As long as Schaub is healthy the Texans can put up points.  Facing the Jaguars this week Houston should get their defense to start playing better too.

Action: Houston on the money line


Bet #13: 2 Team Parlay
  1. Green Bay Packers -260 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: St. Louis Rams

  2. Cincinnati Bengals +165 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor:(425) Pittsburgh Steelers
Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 26.69

Bet #14: 3 Team Parlay 
  1. Houston Texans -200 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Jacksonville Jaguars

  2. New York Giants -275 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. New Orleans Saints -265 Sun@4:05p
    Competitor: Buffalo Bills
Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 18.17

Bet #15: 7 Team Parlay 
  1. New York Jets -3 (+110) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tennessee Titans
  2. New York Giants -275 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. Green Bay Packers -260 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: St. Louis Rams
  4. Atlanta Falcons +5 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: New England Patriots
  5. New Orleans Saints -265 Sun@4:05p
    Competitor: Buffalo Bills
  6. San Diego Chargers -250 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: Miami Dolphins
  7. Cincinnati Bengals +4 (-115) Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: Pittsburgh Steelers
Risk US$ 5.00 to win US$ 131.45

Bet #16: 2 Team Parlay
  1. New York Giants -275 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Chicago Bears -3 (EVEN) Sun@4:05p
    Competitor: Seattle Seahawks
Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 17.27

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