Indefinite Pause

As our personal and professional lives have grown, carving out time to come together on a regular basis has become more of a chore than a care free event.  We still have fun getting together and still enjoy ranting and raving about DC sports, but “real life” has a way of making preparation and travel time scarce.

Since starting in January of 2009 we have posted 138 episodes of The DC Sports Guys.  What began with a couple mics and a record button became a show with computers, soundboards, and HD video. We even setup a live broadcast from Griffin’s Grill during the 2010 NFL season.  All great experiences and I’m proud of everything we accomplished.

This is not the end, well, that is what I’m telling myself anyway.  We need to re-think how we do things.  Maybe we create audio only podcasts from different locations or maybe we try our hands at blogging instead of talking.  There are many avenues we can take, but while we think of what those are “The Show” as we like to call it, will be on pause.

You can still find us on Twitter (@dcsportsguys) and still send comments to the mailbag (  The site will remain up and heck, we may even post a blog.

Thanks to everyone who watched, listened, emailed and commented on our content.  Hopefully we will find a way to come back soon.

Episode #138 1/3 - Redskins

Episode #138 2/3 - Capitals

Episode #138 3/3 - Penn State, Terps, A Championship Wish

Big J and Kevin discuss Sandusky, The Terps downhill season and Jeremy let's everyone know what he would give up for a championship.

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