The DC Sports Guys 2-28-2009

Haynesworth is a Redskin. Georgetown wins, Maryland loses. The Capitals beat the best in the east, and the Nationals make us all wonder what is going on in their front office. Tiger makes golf in February worth watching and TJ sounds off on his views of people using the state of the economy when complaining about sports salaries.

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The DC Sports Guys 2-24-2009

Do I hear the Redskins calling?

The rumors have begun. Haynesworth a Redskin? Only time will tell, but we tackle this issue today along with predictions for the Maryland game, Georgetown's continued failure, the mess that is the Washington Nationals and a quick run though the NHL.

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Redskins: 01:30
Combine/NFL News: 11:30
College Basketball: 24:20
MLB, Bonds, Nationals: 53:30
ESPN Mt. Rushmore: 67:20

The DC Sports Guys 2-22-2009

In this edition of The DC Sports Guys we look back at the crazy week of college basketball and ponder what Maryland team we will see for the rest of the season. We continue to praise the Capitals and wonder what is going on with the Nationals. In our MMA segment we reflect on both UFC 95 and the UWC Man "O" War events. When all is said and done with sports Jeremy tells us how he feels about the Academy Awards and all of us pile on.

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College Basketball (Maryland, Georgetown, Jim Calhoun): 01:30
Capitals: 24:00
Wizards / NBA: 41:00
Nationals / MLB: 55:30
Mailbag: 67:50
MMA (UFC): 70:30
MMA (UWC): 87:20
Juicy's Fight Announcement: 101:00
Grinding Our Gears (Academy Awards): 104:00

The DC Sports Guys 2-17-2009

The sweatshirt controversy

Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to do anything right? Well, for me, that day was today. Thank god there are three other people on this show because I bumble and stumble though today's edition as if I've never heard or read about a sporting event in my life. However, one thing is for certain. I will defend my Maryland sweatshirt to the bitter end. Listen in to get a full understanding of the pictures we chose for today's podcast, then answer the new poll question to help end this debate once and for all.

If sweatshirt banter isn't your style, we also dive into other sports related topics including Daytona, NBA All Start weekend, the NHL, the NFL, College Basketball, the Orioles, and UFC 95.

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Daytona: 01:20
NBA All Star Game: 09:40
NHL: 13:45
College Basketball (Sweatshirt controversy): 19:00
Redskins/NFL: 36:20
Orioles/MLB: 55:35
UFC / MMA: 70:35

The DC Sports Guys 2-15-2009

Living the High Life

There it is... in it's full glory... our first (and only) advertising dollar. Today marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that knows no bounds. The friendship between The DC Sports Guys and Money. We hope to see this friendship flourish over the next year and are excited about this new found bond. For now though, in celebration of our most recent accomplishment, TJ, The Wolfman, Juicy, and I are salivating over the 4-piece chicken McNugget we can now afford to equally split amongst us. The thought of being able to eat such a fine cuisine sparked a lively conversation on MLB, the Nationals most recent signings, the Redskins most recent salary cap fiasco, the Washington Post's 3 part story on Maryland Basketball, the dreadful NBA All Star weekend, Montreal's MMA failure, and of course the continued success of the Washington Capitals. Who knew a nugget could do so much?

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MLB, Roberto Alomar, and our final points on Bud: 03:00
National's Newest Signing: 13:10
Arizona Superbowl Porn Clip Revisited: 20:50
Redskins salary cap and other Problems: 24:30
NBA All Star Weekend: 44:23
Soccer, USA vs. Mexico: 48:30
College Basketball: 51:55
MMA: 76:20
Capitals: 85:00

The DC Sports Guys 2-10-2009

Ahhh Yes... The Quick Turn!
Loved by all, worshiped by Big J. Not only did Saturday night provide some entertaining UFC fights, but Bruce Buffer was on his game with some of the best quick turns we've seen for some time. When you see a master perform his art.... I'm choking up....

Other than worship the Buffer Quick Turn, in this edition of The DC Sports Guys we dive into A-Rod admitting to doping up, beltway basketball teams winning, and the latest win from our beloved Washington Capitals. T.J. somehow sneaks soccer on the show after I adamantly banned such conversations only a few shows ago, and another ESPN rant is had by all.

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Brand Spankin' New Intro
A-Rod & Phelps: 02:00
Maryland Basketball: 12:10
Wizards: 15:00
NBA All Star Game: 19:00
UFC Fight Night: 23:00
Soccer, USA vs. Mexico: 37:30
NFL Pro Bowl: 47:10
Scott Van Pelt Suspension (ESPN, MLB Bashing): 52:35
Washington Capitals: 61:20

The DC Sports Guys 2-07-2009

Tune in to this Saturday edition of the DC Sports Guys as we:
  • Question whether A-Rod's positive test in 2003 really matters?
  • Dissect the up and down week for the Capitals.
  • Talk about the Wizards failing on and off the court.
  • Analyze both Terps basketball and football.
  • Discuss Pat Summitt's 1000th win and where it stands in college basketball history.
  • Reflect on Joe Calzaghe's perfect boxing record.

Also, we need an ending! Ending the show has been a train wreck since day one, and this show is no exception. We are now taking suggestions on how to end the show. A tag line? A song? A clip? Any would be better than what we are doing now. Have an idea on what we can do? As always, send your comments, suggestions, or ideas to

MLB, A-Rod, and steroids: 00:30
Capitals: 08:00
Wizards: 26:40
Kobe vs. Lebron: 33:50
Maryland Basketball: 37:15
Georgetown Basketball: 39:25
Pat Summitt: 42:50
Maryland Football: 46:00
Preakness: 52:55
Joe Calzaghe: 59:25

The DC Sports Guys 2-03-2009

This edition of the DC Sports Guys is the longest yet. Because we seem to be yaking longer and longer, we will start listing the times of each segment below the flash player. We'd like you to listen to the whole show, but we realize you may not have a full hour and twenty minutes to loyally devote yourself to your favorite amateur sports show. This however, will give you, our beloved listeners, nearly instant access to the segments you care most about.

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Also... I apologize to all listeners. I appear to develop the most annoying laugh ever as the show progresses. I will be addressing this with myself before the next show.

Superbowl Wrap-up: 1:50
UFC 94 Wrap-up: 20:10
WWE Royal Rumble Fallout: 33:20
Michael Phelps: 43:20
Tennis (Yes... Tennis): 46:00
Wizards: 48:45
ACC Basketball: 51:40
Capitals: 65:05
Mailbag and ESPN Rant: 73:25