A whole lot to talk about.

TJ, Jeremy, Jeff, and I sit down to reflect on a full weekend of events, including Afflictions' Day of Reckoning, WEC 38, the Royal Rumble and the NHL All-Star game. When we finish wishing that we were all Alexander Ovechkin, we discuss how we all hate the direction ESPN has taken over the last few years and then look forward to a very anticipated UFC 94. Superbowl predictions close the show as we all get ready for what will be another great weekend of sports.

Redskins, beer pong, and the Royal Rumble

In this edition of the DC Sports Guys we look back at the Redskin's 2008 season and discuss the glaring problems that led to the team tanking in the second half of the season. Putting a new spin on the show, we actually disagree on many topics! Who knows, we may get this radio show thing down yet. Also, this time around Jeremy express his views on Rick Riley's article on beer pong and we bring in the "Sandman" to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble and how he views the WWE panning out over the next few months.

Take a listen, leave some comments, our next show will be sometime this week where we will talk about the results of the Affliction event, predict outcomes for UFC 94, and discuss the upcoming Superbowl.

Let's try it again!

Between the NFL playoff games today, TJ, K.Wolf, The Juicy One, and I sat down to try and recover from a rough first attempt at putting together our own little talk show. The start was a bit rough when there was a bit of confusion over who should talk, resulting in me yaking a lot to begin the show. Others step up quickly though, as we go over the Arizona game, the fall of Maryland basketball, the rise of the Capitals, the firing of Gruden and a wrap of yesterdays UFC event. If I had to rate this show... I'd say it's better than the first! I think we all sound bit tense during the show and we need to work towards loosening up and converse as we do when we are sitting in front of the TV or at the game, but that will come with time. On the plus side no microphones go out this time and I feel the show gets better as it goes along. Sit tight, we yak for almost 40 minutes this time around with a special appearance by Big J at the end.

Worst "Radio Show" Ever!

Well, we finally did it. Jeremy and I sat down and tried to talk our way though a very short radio show. And while it could possibly be considered the wost attempt at a radio show ever, it won't be our last. Next time we will look to do little things, such as prepare topics, do at least some research on the topics we want to talk about, and try not to talk ourselves into awkward pauses. We start off ok, but the "show" quickly falls off the cliff. At some point my mic goes out, which I mostly edited out before uploading it to the site, leaving in the aftermath for all to enjoy. Jeremy completely flips on his NFL playoff picks, and I seem to come across as a very boring person who kinda watches sports. The end of the show goes from bad to worse and while I was going to edit most of it out, I figured it was too epic of a fail not to share with everyone.

Now with that kind of build up how can you not listen?!? Just click the green play button to start.

Gonna try this again soon... it can't get any worse!

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