Arenas Accuses Wizards of Casting Magic Spells

Gilbert Arenas has not heard the phrase “never bite the hand that feeds you,” because I think he left his teeth marks in Abe Pollin’s check signing hand. Apparently Gilbert is blaming the Wizards for his injuries over the past few years since the team basically let him decide on his own when he was ready to play again, and he decided, on his own, to come back before he was completely healthy. How exactly is this the Wizards’ fault? Well as Gilbert said “sometimes you have to protect players from themselves. I don't feel like I got that type of protection [from the Wizards].” He makes it worse by accusing the Wizards of letting him come back before he was ready so they could use him to sell tickets. I doubt the Wizards wanted him to risk further injury so they would have to pay him $19M per year to not play. The problem is that he makes it seem like the Wizards deceived him into playing, despite knowing that he wasn't healthy. If anything they cast the magic spell of ‘take responsibility for your own actions’ on him, and he should be thankful that they respect him enough to allow him to make his own decisions. Of course if they didn't let him play when he wanted, what would he have accused them of doing? Seriously, Gilbert needs to understand the difference between misjudgement and deceit. And ironically he makes these statements after spending this past summer working with a personal trainer in Chicago. I guess he knows better now and doesn’t need to be protected from himself anymore.

Everyone knows that Gilbert is a (self-proclaimed) team player, which he proved last year when he signed his massive contract extension. He did the Wizard’s a solid by leaving enough money on the table so they could re-sign other key players (which was just enough money to sign a veteran player to a league minimum contract. Thanks for the help, Gil!). Gilbert is supposed to be the “franchise” player. He’s supposed to set the tone for the rest of the team. He’s supposed to show everyone that this system works. And he’s supposed to lead them to victory. He’s not supposed to publicly question their judgment and throw the entire organization under the proverbial bus. That won’t solve anything, and it definitely won’t help them win more games. Not taking responsibility for his decision makes him look immature, narcissistic and foolish, and more importantly, it makes the Wizards look more foolish for having him as a franchise player.


  1. Excellent post. I agree 100%. I'm sick of players like Arenas. They con the public into believing they're "cooky," when really they are just me-first nut bags. I think Clinton Portis is the same type of player. And there's not much difference between them and someone like Terrell Owens. They're all guys who say, "Yeah, I'll take responsibility. It's that guy's fault."