Jumping into Redskins training camp

In less than a week July 30th will be upon us, and with it all news in the D.C. area will turn deep shades of burgundy and gold. The beginning of training camp raises many questions. Will the offensive line be healthy? Can Jason Campell effectively quicken his release of the football? Will Haynesworth be successful in bringing a much needed pass rush to Washington? Will Clinton Portis have 'Southeast Jerome' inform us that veterans don't need to participate in the pre-season? Will Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly develop into everyday receivers? Will one of Washington's free agent signings become a YouTube sensation jumping into trucks and out of pools?

Well Redskin fans, you can cross that last question off the list. If you haven't already meet Keith Eloi here he is in full YouTube glory. The first is Eloi from a stand still, in socks and sandals, jumping into the back of an F-150. The second is Eloi jumping out of 3ft of water... backwards.

Pretty amazing stuff, but can he catch a football? Whoops, there I go adding another question back to the list after just being able to cross one off.

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