Affliction promotion folds, back to making gaudy T-shirts

From YAHOO! Sports, Affliction has folded their promotion business and will sponsor UFC. Dana White doesn't look so crazy now after adamantly declaring that Fedor vs. Lesnar would happen during a post UFC 100 interview. Already Dana has scheduled a press conference for July 31, which according to MMAJunkie, will include "a lot of crazy things". Among these "crazy things" will be Dana's willingness to put Fedor into a championship fight and a possible partnership with ESPN.

The UFC has shown once again that deep pockets aren't enough to overtake the tried and true brand in MMA. Affliction, EliteXC, and Pride all failed at acquiring either the talent or production level needed to compete. Much like Goolge, who's name is now synonymous with an Internet search, Zuffa's UFC promotion has become a word to describe the entire MMA industry.

Thanks to Josh Barnett testing positive for anabolic steroids, MMA fans may get what they've all been waiting for, Fedor Emelianenko in a championship fight, in the UFC. I smell a good conspiracy theory brewing here...

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