Free Agency != Paying vets huge salaries... I'm confused

With NHL free agency starting today, I couldn't help but smile while reading Ted's Take this morning:
We will pursue some players that can help us in the immediate future but the criterion is that we do not want to sign any veteran players to long term, big, lucrative contracts.

We are up close to the cap as it is. We need flexibility to keep our core of young players together in the out years. We also believe in rewarding our own players more than someone else’s players.

It almost seems too logical, too rational, too sane. In Washington we expect to dominate off-seasons each and every year, after year, after year.... (could go on forever). The Capitals however, since the failed Jagr experiment, appear to be making all the right moves. For everything Snyder does wrong, Leonsis seems to do right. While Leonsis has learned from past mistakes, Snyder continues to act like a rich kid in Toys R' US buying anything shinny from the shelf to replace his "outdated" toys at home. Maybe this is why we are begining to see headlines that read Redskins Waiting List Bogus? Are TV Blackouts Coming?, for Snyder's team, and Washtington Capitals Raise Ticket Prices, Outsell Rest of NHL, for Ted's.

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