The D.C. Sports Guys 7-28-2009

T.J., Big J, and Kevin get together to talk about Michael Vick, Brett Favre, the Redskins, Affliction folding, MLB, Caps News, Shaq, and some soccer (kinda). The web cam failed us a bit tonight. As the show progresses the video gets out of sync with the audio. We apologize for this and will have things back to normal for the next show. The audio only feed is available below.

Along with the video giving us a bit of a fit tonight, the on-line form was not so "instant". We did receive the messages but not 'till late. We will respond to the questions on the D.C. Sports Guys Blog. Questions came in regarding steroids in the UFC, the death of Vernon Forrest, and our favorite sports to follow. We'll get answers up to these up as soon as we can. Again, thanks for listening and participating!

As always, send your comments, suggestions, or ideas to

Podcast Times (for audio AND video)
NFL/Vick/Favre/Redskins: 00:01:30
MMA: 00:30:00
MLB/Nats/Os/HOF: 00:50:00
Caps/Golf/Shaq/Phelps/Soccer: 01:19:00

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