The D.C. Sports Guys 7-15-2009

With the Wolfman and TJ on vacation and The Juicy One in training for worlds Kevin and Big J were left to hold down the show by themselves. Big J accidentally hits the off switch on his microphone while talking about the All Star Game. So he NEVER makes this mistake again we have uploaded the un-edited version of the show for all to watch and listen to. Feel free to lay the smack talk on nice and thick for this mistake. Watching the video for the show you might wonder why we even wear the headphones if Kevin can't realize that Big J's mic is out for over 7minutes.... Well for that one you would have to know how loud Big J actually talks. We already turn his input waaaaay down so it appears he is talking at the same level as the rest of us. If you are sitting next to him all bets are off.

After the snafu, Kevin and Big J re-group to discuss the Nats, UFC 100, the Capitals, NFL, the British Open, boxing and more.

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Podcast Times (not for video)
All Star Game: 00:01:30
Big J Mic goes out: 00:03:20
Big J Mic comes back: 00:10:45
Nats: 00:17:00
UFC 100: 00:29:40
Capitals: 01:00:00
NFL/Redskins: 01:20:00
Lance Stephenson: 01:33:00
British Open FAIL: 01:36:30
Other News: 01:45:00

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  1. good show...I agree with Kevin re: the Nats. I haven't been able to track down stats on the # of blown save opportunities or bullpen losses vs. rotation losses, but we all know what those numbers will show. At the season's start I had predicted the Nats would win 75 games this year, a roughly 15 win improvement on last season, and a record that would place them 6 games below .500. I think this could have happened had it not been for the bullpen woes we've seen so frequently. Nats start up play again tonight vs. the Cubs, so we'll see if Riggleman can jump start them a bit.