The D.C. Sports Guys 7-28-2009 Follow-up

Since our "instant" feedback form wasn't so instant yesterday we are posting the questions and comments that we did not get to on the show here. Again we'd like to thank everyone for their participation and hope to hear from all of you again in the future.

Question from Jim: What's the story with steroids in MMA UFC? I heard or read that they do steroid testing. So what do they use?

Big J's Answer
When it comes to taking steroids fighters will use the same drugs you hear about in other sports such as Boldenone , Nadrolone (otherwise known as Deca Durabolin), Testosterone, Oxymetholone (Anadrol), or Drostanolone. Drostanolone is what Josh Barnett tested positive for in the very first random test under the CSAC's brand new random, out of competition drug testing policy.

The testing is done by whatever State Athletic Commission in which the event is taking place. The UFC doesn't do its own testing unless they are competing overseas, i.e. England, Germany, etc. and I believe that its done by an independent laboratory. The test itself is a urine test.

Comment from Green Machine: Vernon Forrest's death was such a waste. He didn't need to chase the attacker down. He didn't walk away. Big lesson there.

Kevin's Response:
A truly tragic event. In hindsight, yes, let the wallet go. As an old lesson teaches, material things can all be replaced. Being a professional boxer I'm sure Vernon thought he would be able to take whoever he was running after. Unfortunately no athletic ability can compete with a gun. The real sad situation here is that criminals hold the upper hand in these situations and a good charitable man lost his life. You can't let people just walk all over you, criminals included, but there is also something to be said for living to fight another day. I can only hope these car jackers are caught and disciplined to the full extent of the law.

Question from Dave: For each of you - if you could follow just ONE sport, what would it be?

TJ's Response:
If I could only follow one it would be horse racing. Those guys are such great athletes.

Okay, for real, I would probably follow baseball. At least that is how I feel at the moment. I actually follow baseball pretty much year round now. Regular Season, World Series, Hot Stove, Spring Training. There's pretty much something to keep your interest all year. Now I'm probably going to catch grief for not picking football but that gets shoved down my throat so much I can't take it after the season is over. Seriously, can someone tell Ed Werder its okay to take a day off. He doesn't need to be sending in updates from the Cowboys facility at 3am, on a June.

Big J's Response
If I had one sport to watch and only watch it would be the NFL in particular it would be Redskin football. I love a lot of sports but hands down without thinking its the NFL. It was the first sport that I watched growing up. That was the thing that my dad, my brother, and myself could all watch together. Every Sunday was spent watching football from 1 until it was time to go to bed. Its the most exciting sport out there if you ask me. Nothing else compares in my eyes from the hitting to the big touch down throw/run to the interception that seals the victory. There is just nothing quite like it.

Kevin's Response
This is a tough one for me. The two sports that I can sit down and watch at any given time are hockey and football. Specifically the NHL and the NFL. I've been a puck head since middle school and hockey is my favorite sport to play. The speed and intensity of the game is arguably unmatched by any other sport and once the playoffs start, there may be no other sport that comes close to the excitement on the ice. Hockey players are a special breed, the kind of people that other professional athletes look at, shake their head, and pronounce "those guys are f@&!ing nuts!" (Rugby players excluded, because they are in fact f@&!ing nuts)
Unlike the NFL there are two types of injuries in the NHL, upper body and lower body, and for a hockey player to miss a game something must have fallen off. Just like in the movie Miracle, if your leg hurts, well that leg is "a long way from your heart!" To do what these players do for 82 games or more is simply amazing. Plus the new crop of young talent that is entering the NHL is going to change the game forever. Bigger, faster, stronger, and skilled. The young blood of the NHL in my opinion is the most exciting group of talent in any sport. Alex Ovechkin with the Caps, Steven Stamkos with Tampa Bay, Luke Schenn with Toronto, Patrick Kane in Chicago, the list goes on and on.... The future of hockey is very, very bright and if you're not on the bandwagon yet, get your ass on board!

With all that said, on Sundays from September though December I've been known to disappear to my basement, which is painted burgundy and gold, around 11am, only to re-join the world above when Sunday Night Football has signed off. What keeps me involved? The week of speculation leading up to the game, analyzing the chess match between offensive and defensive coordinators, getting excited over big hits, having my jaw drop watching the ridiculous plays a QB/Receiver/Running Back can make with a man running full speed into his grill, screaming for touchdowns and pretending I could coach the team. I think that last reason is a big one for football's success amongst sports fans. A large part of the game will come down to play calling, and while the Average Joe may not be able to run fast, jump high, or throw a football 50 yards in the air, they can all take a guess at what the opponent is going to do, then call a counter-play based on that information. Everyone in their own mind can be a coach, which in football carries more weight than any other sport. It makes the fan feel like they could control the outcome if only they were allowed to scream in the offensive coordinator's ear.

Now I still haven't answered the question... one sport... ugh... my childhood heroes consist of football greats like Art Monk, Darryl Green, Joe Jacoby, Doug Willams, and Charles Mann, but the guys I'm most enamored with right now are named Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, and Alexander Semin. In a close one, I'm going with the Caps and I'm going to say hockey.

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