The DC Sports Guys 2-22-2009

In this edition of The DC Sports Guys we look back at the crazy week of college basketball and ponder what Maryland team we will see for the rest of the season. We continue to praise the Capitals and wonder what is going on with the Nationals. In our MMA segment we reflect on both UFC 95 and the UWC Man "O" War events. When all is said and done with sports Jeremy tells us how he feels about the Academy Awards and all of us pile on.

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College Basketball (Maryland, Georgetown, Jim Calhoun): 01:30
Capitals: 24:00
Wizards / NBA: 41:00
Nationals / MLB: 55:30
Mailbag: 67:50
MMA (UFC): 70:30
MMA (UWC): 87:20
Juicy's Fight Announcement: 101:00
Grinding Our Gears (Academy Awards): 104:00


  1. Its amazing that what I think is an awful show when we are recording it can actually turn out pretty decent somehow. We must be even more talented than we think.

  2. Don't know if talent is the right word, but the Academy Award segment was way less of a train wreck than I thought it was going to turn out to be.