The DC Sports Guys 2-15-2009

Living the High Life

There it is... in it's full glory... our first (and only) advertising dollar. Today marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that knows no bounds. The friendship between The DC Sports Guys and Money. We hope to see this friendship flourish over the next year and are excited about this new found bond. For now though, in celebration of our most recent accomplishment, TJ, The Wolfman, Juicy, and I are salivating over the 4-piece chicken McNugget we can now afford to equally split amongst us. The thought of being able to eat such a fine cuisine sparked a lively conversation on MLB, the Nationals most recent signings, the Redskins most recent salary cap fiasco, the Washington Post's 3 part story on Maryland Basketball, the dreadful NBA All Star weekend, Montreal's MMA failure, and of course the continued success of the Washington Capitals. Who knew a nugget could do so much?

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MLB, Roberto Alomar, and our final points on Bud: 03:00
National's Newest Signing: 13:10
Arizona Superbowl Porn Clip Revisited: 20:50
Redskins salary cap and other Problems: 24:30
NBA All Star Weekend: 44:23
Soccer, USA vs. Mexico: 48:30
College Basketball: 51:55
MMA: 76:20
Capitals: 85:00

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