The DC Sports Guys 2-17-2009

The sweatshirt controversy

Ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to do anything right? Well, for me, that day was today. Thank god there are three other people on this show because I bumble and stumble though today's edition as if I've never heard or read about a sporting event in my life. However, one thing is for certain. I will defend my Maryland sweatshirt to the bitter end. Listen in to get a full understanding of the pictures we chose for today's podcast, then answer the new poll question to help end this debate once and for all.

If sweatshirt banter isn't your style, we also dive into other sports related topics including Daytona, NBA All Start weekend, the NHL, the NFL, College Basketball, the Orioles, and UFC 95.

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Daytona: 01:20
NBA All Star Game: 09:40
NHL: 13:45
College Basketball (Sweatshirt controversy): 19:00
Redskins/NFL: 36:20
Orioles/MLB: 55:35
UFC / MMA: 70:35


  1. TOM BARASSO!!!!

    That is the name of the Pens goalie I was trying to think of. Damn it all.

  2. I was listening to the podcast with Kym and she pulled his name as soon as you started talking about Pens goalies.