The DC Sports Guys 2-07-2009

Tune in to this Saturday edition of the DC Sports Guys as we:
  • Question whether A-Rod's positive test in 2003 really matters?
  • Dissect the up and down week for the Capitals.
  • Talk about the Wizards failing on and off the court.
  • Analyze both Terps basketball and football.
  • Discuss Pat Summitt's 1000th win and where it stands in college basketball history.
  • Reflect on Joe Calzaghe's perfect boxing record.

Also, we need an ending! Ending the show has been a train wreck since day one, and this show is no exception. We are now taking suggestions on how to end the show. A tag line? A song? A clip? Any would be better than what we are doing now. Have an idea on what we can do? As always, send your comments, suggestions, or ideas to

MLB, A-Rod, and steroids: 00:30
Capitals: 08:00
Wizards: 26:40
Kobe vs. Lebron: 33:50
Maryland Basketball: 37:15
Georgetown Basketball: 39:25
Pat Summitt: 42:50
Maryland Football: 46:00
Preakness: 52:55
Joe Calzaghe: 59:25


  1. You guys are hilarious, love the show! My suggestion for an ending – a straight rip off from the Mclaughlin Group (I know, politics…booo!). They each get 30 seconds at the end of the show to make a prediction (on anything or everything). It’s usually a light, semi-satirical rant from each of the members, and it makes for a good humors exit (e.g. Gary Williams will retire as the coach of Maryland men’s basketball in 2010, and will be named the new head coach of the women’s basketball team).
    Good luck!

  2. Politics?!?!?........booooooo!!!!!!!!