The DC Sports Guys 2-10-2009

Ahhh Yes... The Quick Turn!
Loved by all, worshiped by Big J. Not only did Saturday night provide some entertaining UFC fights, but Bruce Buffer was on his game with some of the best quick turns we've seen for some time. When you see a master perform his art.... I'm choking up....

Other than worship the Buffer Quick Turn, in this edition of The DC Sports Guys we dive into A-Rod admitting to doping up, beltway basketball teams winning, and the latest win from our beloved Washington Capitals. T.J. somehow sneaks soccer on the show after I adamantly banned such conversations only a few shows ago, and another ESPN rant is had by all.

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Brand Spankin' New Intro
A-Rod & Phelps: 02:00
Maryland Basketball: 12:10
Wizards: 15:00
NBA All Star Game: 19:00
UFC Fight Night: 23:00
Soccer, USA vs. Mexico: 37:30
NFL Pro Bowl: 47:10
Scott Van Pelt Suspension (ESPN, MLB Bashing): 52:35
Washington Capitals: 61:20


  1. I need more soccer talk!

  2. That was not me! But whoever it was is a very smart man.

  3. what we need is more Quick Turn!

  4. this is very listenable. how did i just find out about this?

  5. I agree. Very listenable.

  6. its nice to actually hear big j when i have the option of adjusting the volume. i would however like to hear his take on the fact that roberto 'the spitter' alomar has full-blown aids and miggy tejada will hopefully get deported. lets get some love for the orioles!

  7. I want a guest appearance when I'm down your way, you actually made a soccer conversation entertaining...