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Blogs With Balls is running the first annual "Untitled Sports Media Awards Project" (#USMAP). The project aims to find the nation's best sports sites and personalities in a variety of different categories.

We would like to throw our hat into the ring to win the "Best Audio/Video/Radio Podcast" award.  To make voting easy we have included a form below that will submit your vote for the DC Sports Guys directly to the Blogs With Balls USMAP contest.  Once you hit submit you will be redirected to the Blogs With Balls site where you can vote for any other categories you find interesting.

Thank-you for listening and thank-you for voting!

Best Audio/Video/Radio Podcast

The podcast has completely leveled the sports media playing field for those without a traditional radio or TV studio. This category highlights the best in audio and video podcasts. To be eligible, shows much be produced on a regular basis (daily or weekly). Local or national radio programs that podcast their entire show -- not just interview segments and clips -- will be eligible.

Nominee Name: DC Sports Guys
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Nominee Twitter: @dcsportsguys

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