Morning Roundup: Gorzelanny Pulled Early In Nats Loss

Whats News
  • Nationals
    • What’s next for Tom Gorzelanny? [Nationals Journal]
    • Los Angeles Dodgers Tie It Late, Win 7-6 Over The Washington Nationals In The 9th. [Federal Baseball]
    • Nationals trade deadline: Ryan Zimmerman on B.J. Upton, updates on Ian Desmond, Jason Marquis, Livan Hernandez [Nationals Journal]
    • Phil Wood: Can't give up on Desmond [Examiner Sports RSS]
    • Quick Washington Nationals/B.J. Upton Chatter Update. [Federal Baseball]
    • Another Article About Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper's Early Struggles At [Insert Minor League Level Here] [Federal Baseball]
  • Orioles
  • Redskins
    • John Beck game film review: Is Mike Shanahan truly serious that John Beck could be the Redskins’ 2011 starting QB? [Blogging the bEast]
    • Lockout End Nears Closer [Hog Blogs]
    • NFL Free Agents 2011: Reviewing Players Redskins Could Target This Offseason [SB Nation DC - All Posts]
    • Chris Cooley Is Tired Of Talking About Donovan McNabb, Not Albert Haynesworth [SB Nation DC - All Posts]
    • Packers Quarterback Matt Flynn: Possible Trade Target for Redskins? [Hogs Haven]
    • Is Now the Time to Trade Chris Cooley? [Hogs Haven]
  • Worth Noting
    • NFL players hoping to vote on CBA by Monday or Tuesday [NFL Football News :]
    • There Was A Nude Rugby Match With A Blind Referee In New Zealand Yesterday (NSFW) [Video] [Deadspin]
    • Today Is The Day That A Reformed Ben Roethlisberger Makes A Physician's Assistant His Bride [Vows] [Deadspin]

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