Morning Roundup: Are You Ready For Some Free Agency?

Let's be honest, there is no need for a Morning Roundup today.  Unless you live under a rock, you know that NFL free agency starts today at 10am.  There is a ton of speculation flying around on who has agreed to sign and who is going to be traded.  The bottom line is that nothing "official" can happen until 10am.  Starting then there will be a whirlwind of moves and anything I would have posted here would have been instantly out of date.

Enjoy what will be crazy day in signings and trades.

If you must have some non-NFL news here you go:

  • The Nationals and Orioles did not play yesterday saving baseball fans throughout the area from watching early leads slip away and runners in scoring position never make it home.
  • NBA players are still locked out and planking everywhere.
  • Intelligence is still investigating whether Alex Ovechkin will need to join Jenny Craig before the season starts.

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