New Rant & Rave Line - (202) 642-2591

Have something on your tip of your tongue about D.C. Sports? Will e-mail fail to get across the level of emotion you feel about a topic? Just want to hear yourself on a weekly sports show? The D.C. Sports Guys can help. Call (202) 642-2591 anytime to rant or rave about anything regarding the show or D.C. Sports. If the guys like what you have to say they will play it on the next D.C. Sports Guys show.

When leaving a message on the Rant & Rave line please begin the message by stating your first name and the city or town your calling from ("This is NAME from CITY"). Remember, messages will be played on the show.  Please don't leave any phone numbers, addresses, or other contact information you don't want others to know.

Rant & Rave today!  (202) 642-2591

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