Never Too Early for College Hoops

Although I generally try to avoid, Andy Katz and Jay Bilas put together an early ACC preview yesterday, a piece with a lot of interesting information. You can read the entire article here

For those who don't feel like reading, here is a brief summary of key points:
1.) Despite key losses, UNC is still king
2.)Jay Bilas is very high on Greivis Vasquez, who he terms "a complete player" who is very underrated.
3.) Its very early, but Bilas has the Terps finishing 3rd in the ACC behind UNC/Duke, citing the arrival of big men James Padgett and Jordan Williams as complements to the scoring capabilities of Vasquez and Sean Mosley.
4.) Although most teams' schedules are not out yet, there are a few pretty intriguing non-conference matchups coming to D.C. this year, including Duke/Georgetown (TBA), and Maryland/Villanova (December 6th in the BB&T classic). The latter could be a key matchup for the Terps prior to starting ACC play.


  1. Not to start the Greivis bashing early, but he has still yet to prove that he can make intelligent decisions with the basketball. Yes he is the most talented player on the Terps but he consistently drives haphazardly into the lane and forces himself to take bad shots. The turnovers that occur because of his bad decisions almost negate the point he scores in a game. If he can reign in the ego a bit this year and focus on being a participant in the offense maybe he can become a complete player.

  2. Its never too early to start on the Greivis bashing...I can't wait to see how many times he lobs the ball out of bounds in early non-conference games...I think the Nova-Terps game could be a good one to get tickets to (its at Verizon).