The D.C. Sports Guys 8-11-2009

Brian joins the D.C. Sports Guys Show for the first time to talk about the Nat's recent success. The guys also look forward to the Redskins vs. Ravens match-up on Thursday, discuss UFC 101, WEC 42, Patrick Kane and Tiger Woods.

No video for this show and we apologize up front for the last 5min. of the show being cut off. The hard drive which records the show had a bit of a miss-hap. We were able to save almost all the audio but the video is gone forever.

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Podcast Times
MLB/Nats: 00:01:30
Redskins/NFL: 00:33:30
Everyone Gangs up on Kevin: 01:04:40
UFC 101/WEC 42: 01:11:00
NHL/Ron Artest/Golf: 01:46:00

Promised Video of Colten Teubert:

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