The D.C. Sports Guys 8-18-2009

Kevin, T.J., and Big J talk about Strasburg, the Skins, Tiger, and Raven's fans. The guys also welcome back Sandman who breaks down WWE's upcoming SummerSlam.

Video is back this week... kind of. Some viewers were having problems with the live video feed so Kevin reset the stream during the first break. The reset accidentally deleted the first segment. This only affected recorded video, the audio only podcast is 100% A-OK. Thanks again for bearing with us as we try to tie all of these technologies into the show.

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Podcast Times (Audio Only)
MLB/Nats: 00:01:30
Redskins/NFL: 00:22:50
WWE/SummerSlam: 00:58:30
Tiger/NHL/Strikeforce/Olympics: 01:31:00

Video from 2nd Segment on

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