The DC Sports Guys 3-03-2009

Outside of ranting about sports, in this edition of the DC Sports Guys we successfully hook up with our first ever call-in. While the call in itself is brief, and Wolf eventually makes it into the studio, this marks a starting point to maybe, someday, actually doing a live show with multiple call-ins. I wouldn't hold my breath for that happening too soon, but so far... so good.

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Redskins: 01:30
NFL: 21:18
Wizards: 29:33
Nationals, Manny and Saved By the Bell: 30:38
Capitals / Don Cherry Rant: 48:17
UFC 96: 76:37
Mailbag: 90:28
Maryland Basketball: 93:42


  1. Manny finally signs w/ Dodgers. Damn.


  3. Thanks for posting the link. Something we should have done in the first place. If you have a Birthday this summer you should definitely sign up. There's no better place to watch a baseball game than Camden Yards.

  4. If my birthday was during the baseball season I'd go to Camden Yards to watch the Nats take 2 out of 3 from the O's.