The DC Sports Guys 3-24-2009

We are down to the Sweet 16 and none of the DC Sports Guys have all 16 correct. With this in mind, we reset the bracket and go over our picks for the upcoming weekend. Also, in true DC Sports Guys fashion Big J turns his microphone off, most likely because he cannot help but fidget with it constantly every show. But this time he forgets to turn it BACK ON for about 5 good minutes during the Wizards / DC Sports Guys logo segment.

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College Basketball: 00:01:30
Capitals: 00:24:30
NFL / WBC: 00:38:45
Wizards / New Logo: 01:14:10
Other News / Worst Movies: 01:22:45


  1. in fairness I didn't have much to say about all of that anyways.

  2. How about the inaugural CIT?
    Lefty is even on the selection committee.

    Is this tourney actually going on?

  3. Holy crap that logo is terrible.