The DC Sports Guys 3-16-2009

Congratulations to "Juicy" Jeff Blachly on defending his Operation Octagon Heavyweight Championship!

Juicy is on the show with us today as we break down his victory and Operation Octagon as a whole. We each fill out a tournament bracket and dive into the major sports headlines of the week. We also give an honorable mention to Kevin's Hockey team Battalion for winning the Piney Cup.

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Operation Octagon / Juicy's Victory: 00:01:30
College Basketball / Brackets: 00:18:10
Sports Rundown / The other DC Sports Guy Championship: 01:09:45
What Grinds Our Gears: 01:35:30


  1. I somehow managed to listen to that whole bracket breakdown (coincidentally, while eating a Reese’s Cup) and was thoroughly disgusted. It has become clear to me that I must be in studio to bring any semblance of knowledge to the conversation. Also, way too much time was spent on the Wizards and that douche bag Gilbert. And why is Jeff talking about the Matrix? Kevin, how did you not mention that your Cup was a keg with a mixing bowl on top? Finally, you played Dare to be Stupid again!? Actually, that song is awesome so good call.

  2. HA! Yes the bracket breakdown could have used any kind of preparation or the inclusion of anyone with some actual basketball knowledge outside of the ACC and Big East. And yes, if I forgot to mention it on the show the Piney Cup is a Budweiser Keg with a very large mixing bowl welded to the top of it. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  3. I threw for over 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns on a decent team with a terrible defense. I carried that team last year. Then they fire my coach. When the Broncos job was open this offseason everyone said that it was the most attractive job for new coaches. why? Because I was the quarterback on that team. They bring in some new guy to a new city and he tries to trade the team's only asset? Is he trying to win over any fans? I am a great player and I piss on John Elway's grave. How dare you Kevin McGrath...