The DC Sports Guys 3-08-2009

Big J is back in the studio which means the return of the "What grinds our gears" segment. It also means the biggest argument we've had on the DC Sports Guys which ends up being over, of all people... Ray Lewis. You'll have to listen to understand why.

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Maryland Basketball: 01:30
Georgetown / American: 14:15
Capitals: 20:50
Don Cherry: 33:50
Redskins: 45:23
NFL / Kurt Warner / Ray Lewis: 50:05
Whats News: 60:28
UFC 96: 75:00
What Grinds Our Gears: 92:00


  1. I am going to pat myself on the back for my choice for Grind My Gears. I think I strained an oblique from laughing too hard.

  2. well I wouldn't expect much bias here, but you guys completely missed the point of Don Cherry's criticism. obviously, there are times when ovechkin purposely taunts the opposing bench when he skates past it after scoring a goal, and some of his over the top celebrations are viewed as taunting. he's not getting on him for "celebrating". every player raises his stick after a goal, but not all of them jump around and jump off the glass screaming frantically.

  3. First, I like to thank-you for the post. These are the type of comments / criticism I like to see about the show. And while I can’t disagree that we are always going to have a DC slant on the topics we discuss, I don’t feel we’ve “missed the boat” in regards to Don Cherry. I acknowledge Cherry’s view that Ovechkin’s celebrations can be construed as taunting by other teams. Where I completely disagree with him is on the motivation behind it and how it should be handled. I don’t know if you listened to the previous show where we talk about Cherry’s original comment, but I try to explain how I feel Ovechkin is different than the run-of-the mill taunting athlete, comparing him to other DC sports figures I have despised because of the antics they pulled on their respective playing surfaces. Ovechkin not only gets excited for his goals, but his teammate’s goals, and his teammate’s assists. He appears, at least though the red colored glasses of DC fans, to truly to love being out on the ice and playing with team. Now if that is completely misplaced, then by all means, beat him on the ice, bring it to him with good defense legal hits and all around tough play. One of the things we love about Ovechkin here in DC is that he can, and is willing to play the physical game. My gripe with Cherry is his terrible comparisons of Ovechkin to rookie baseball players and Sean Avery, his view on how this type of behavior is ruining the NHL, his smug and elitist attitude when purposely miss-pronouncing the owner’s name, Ted Leonsis, and his overall hatred for just about every European hockey player. If he truly doesn’t take kindly to over the top personalities and wearing your emotion on your sleeve, than maybe he should take a look in the mirror.

  4. "Overdramaticize" I love it. Big J is my hero. Whenever he's around I can just turn my brain off, sit back, and enjoy. Keep it up.

  5. Ovechkin's celebrations are no more over the top than Don Cherry's wardrobe. The reason Ovechkin acts like this is because he knows that his energy is the life-force of the team. When he scores, Caps win, period. Ovechkin is just being a leader, and its no coincidence that this syrup-sucking hoser Don Cherry made these statements only days after Ovechkin bitch-slapped Cindy all over the ice.