Sweet Action: Tease Me In Week 2

Kevin, the host of the D.C. Sports Guys, will start the NFL season with $100 of his own money. The objective is simple: make as much money as possible betting on NFL games. No funds can be added during the season and if the account ever hits $0 Kevin's will have to pack it in and admit defeat.

In Week #2 I'm relying heavily on heavily favored teams.  The problem with betting on big favorites is how to work around the point spreads.  The Packers for instance are -14 and forget about the Money Line because that has been taken off the boards.  So, what to do?

Enter the teaser.  Teasers for those that don't know require at least 2 teams and alter the point spread in your favor from 6 to 13 points.  If your willing to put 3 or 4 teams into a single bet the spreads and payouts allow you to stick to the teams you feel good about instead of trying to find an upset or take a chance on a game you feel will be too close to call.

Along with the teasers this week is one parlay.  It's a long shot, and is the result of the guys picks for Week #2.  Count 'em, 11, thats right all the guys agreed on 11 picks this week.  That makes for a pretty boring NFL Picks blog, but could make for an exciting parlay.  I took 8 of those teams and put them into a small risk high reward parlay that could be the spark I need to really get this Sweet Action segment off the ground.  I'm not going to analyze every match-up in that wager but here are my reasons for the teams in my other three bets.

Total of $60 on the line to win $209.26



The Bills are terrible.  In their home opening 15-10 loss to the Dolphins they produced an NFL low 166 yards of offense, 38 of which was on the ground.  Now they head to Green Bay for the Packers home opener.

The Packers on the other hand not not terrible.  In fact they are pretty damn good and lived up to preseason hype by ending a 9 game losing streak in the city of Philadelphia.  Aaron Rodgers will have a big day and even without the services of Ryan Grant expect Green Bay to be able to run the ball all over Buffalo's defense.

Action: Teased 


After a tough OT loss in Pittsburgh expect the Falcons to bounce back at home against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals barely got past a pesky Rams team lead by rookie QB Sam Bradford last week.  Bradford attempted 55 passes resulting in 253 yards, a TD and 3 INTs.  One INT was immediately lost when fumbled and the last INT was at the very end of the game.

Not only do the Falcons have a more seasoned QB in Matt Ryan they also won't have to rely on him throwing the ball 55 times.  Look for a heavy dose of Michael Turner to loosen up an already weak Arizona defense.

Action: Teased, Money Line


There is a theme this week.  Good teams playing bad teams.  The Saints proved they had not lost a step in their Thursday night opening win against the Vikings.  The 49ers on the other hand lost to a Seattle team that is rebuilding and trying their luck with a college coach at the helm.  

Don't expect the 49ers to bounce back this week.  Players in San Francisco are already complaining about the offensive play calling which has led to Mike Singletary on a wild 'rat' hunt. 

Action: Teased, Money Line


It always pains me to put money on any bet that has the Cowboys on the winning end, but this is more about Chicago.

If Calvin Johnson holds on to the ball for another half second the Bears are 0-1.  Chicago gave up 4 sacks in week 1 and were only able to put up 19 points at home against a Lions team that is still not very good.

Dallas is a better team than Detroit.  Their defense is better and their offense with the return of Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier to the line is a lot better.  Plus, they are at home.  Add it all up and it's a win for the Cowgirls.

Action: Teased, Money Line
Steelers, SeahawksEvery now and then there are opportunities with teaser bets that allow you to cover a losing team with a huge point spread.  This week the Steelers and Seahawks fit that bill.  The Steelers are a great defensive team and rarely lose any game by more than a couple TDs.  The Seahawks travel to Denver to take on a Broncos team that had trouble with Jacksonville and appear to have no clear direction for the franchise at this point in time.  The Steelers and Seahawks may not win but being able to get them at +19 and +16.5 respectively is something I couldn't pass up.

Action: Teased

The Bets

Bet #6: 3 Team Teaser
  • Green Bay Packers -7 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Buffalo Bills
    Teased 7.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons Pick Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Arizona Cardinals
    Teased 7.0 points
  • New Orleans Saints +1 Mon@8:35p
    Competitor: San Francisco 49ers
    Teased 7.0 point
Risk US$ 20.00 to win US$ 28.00

Bet #7: 4 Team Teaser
  • Green Bay Packers -8 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(209) Buffalo Bills
    Teased 6.0 points
  • Dallas Cowboys -1½ Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Chicago Bears
    Teased 6.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons -1 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Arizona Cardinals
    Teased 6.0 points
  • New Orleans Saints Pick Mon@8:35p
    Competitor: San Francisco 49ers
    Teased 6.0 points
Risk US$ 20.00 to win US$ 60.00

Bet #8: 4 Team Teaser
  • Green Bay Packers -1 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Buffalo Bills
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +19 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tennessee Titans
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons +6 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Arizona Cardinals
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Seattle Seahawks +16½ Sun@4:05p
    Competitor: Denver Broncos
    Teased 13.0 points
Risk US$ 15.00 to win US$ 12.50

Bet #9: 8 Team Parlay
  • Kansas City Chiefs +3 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Cleveland Browns
  • Philadelphia Eagles -280 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Detroit Lions
  • Dallas Cowboys -350 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Chicago Bears
  • Carolina Panthers -180 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Atlanta Falcons -270 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Arizona Cardinals
  • Minnesota Vikings -240 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Miami Dolphins
  • New England Patriots -165 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: New York Jets
  • New Orleans Saints -245 Mon@8:35p
    Competitor: San Francisco 49ers
Risk US$ 5.00 to win US$ 108.76

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