Sweet Action: Looking to double up in Week #3

Kevin, the host of the D.C. Sports Guys, will start the NFL season with $100 of his own money. The objective is simple: make as much money as possible betting on NFL games. No funds can be added during the season and if the account ever hits $0 Kevin's will have to pack it in and admit defeat.

Last week ended up in the red but overall I'm hanging on to $8.66 in winnings.  Actually, I think "up over 8% on the year" sounds a lot better, so lets go with that.  This week I'm risking $50 to win $111.39 in an effort to get the account over $200.



This game will showcase two teams heading in opposite directions. Last week, the Bengals did not score a touchdown but were still able to beat the Ravens by forcing Flacco into 4 INTs.  A vast improvement over the dud they laid in week one against the Patriots.  The offense has yet to click with the addition of Owens but this may be the week it happens.

Carolina is searching for answers after falling apart in the second half against the Giants then struggling against the Buccaneers. Clausen will get his first start for the Panthers today but don't expect any miracles.  Even if the Bengals don't find their grove on offense, their defense will be enough to win.

Action: -3 in parlay


The story for Pittsburgh doesn't change, if their defense plays well they always have a chance to win.  The Steelers started the season facing off against two of the best running teams in the NFL, the Falcons and the Titans.  Neither team could manage more than 58 yards on the ground.  Don't expect Cadillac Williams to break that trend, especially with Casey Hampton coming back at nose tackle this week.  Tampa Bay will have to rely on Josh Freeman to pick apart the the Steelers defense though the air.  Good luck with that.

Action: -3 in parlay


Could it be? The Cowboys end the week at 0-3? Yes, and at the hand of their in-state "rival" the Texans.  The Cowboys YET AGAIN are "among the leagues biggest disappointments."  When does it turn from being a disappointment to just being a mediocre football team? Houston's offense is hitting on all cylinders and was able to rally against the Redskins scoring 17 unanswered points in the second half to push the game to OT, where they won.

The Texans started the year by beating one of the AFC's perennial best then showed they can overcome adversity in week 2.  The Cowboys have showed for 2 weeks that they are a big disappointment.  Even without their starting left tackle Duane Brown expect the Texans to be able to move the ball at will.

Action: -3 in parlay


Champ Bailey was seen on crutches the same week that Colts are coming to town.  That is not good news if your a Broncos fan.  Oh, and Andre Goodman is also listed a questionable.  Their backups? All rookies.  Let the Peyton Manning smack-down begin.

Action: Money Line -250 in parlay


I'm going to say it, I think the Lions have a shot to win this game.  Even with Shaun Hill at QB the Lions have been playing better football this season than the Vikings.  Something is off with the Vikings, maybe it's the injuries, maybe it's Favre, maybe it's Adrian Peterson getting stood up on 4th and goal.

The Lions should have won against the Bears and rallied to within 3 points of the Eagles.  Even if they lose this week it won't be by 11.

Action: +11 in parlay
Falcons, Titans, Raiders, CheifsIt's a toss up if any of these teams will win, but all should be able to keep their respective games close.  Whenever a few close game present themselves look to tease the dog as much as you can.

Action: Teased

The Bets

Bet #13: 3 Team Parlay

  • Detroit Lions +11 (-105) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Minnesota Vikings
  • Houston Texans -3 (+105) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Dallas Cowboys
  • Indianapolis Colts -250 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: Denver Broncos

Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 46.03

Bet #14: 2 Team Parlay

  • Houston Texans -3 (+105) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Dallas Cowboys
  • Indianapolis Colts -250 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: Denver Broncos

Risk US$ 15.00 to win US$ 28.05

Bet #15: 2 Team Parlay

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -3 (EVEN) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Cincinnati Bengals -3 (-135) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: Carolina Panthers
    Bought 0.5 points

Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 24.81

Bet #16: 4 Team Teaser

  • Tennessee Titans +16 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: New York Giants
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons +16½ Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: New Orleans Saints
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Kansas City Chiefs +16 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: San Francisco 49ers
    Teased 13.0 points
  • Oakland Raiders +17½ Sun@4:15p
    Competitor: Arizona Cardinals
    Teased 13.0 points

Risk US$ 15.00 to win US$ 12.50

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