Sweet Action: An early start with Maryland vs. Navy

Normally, I do not bet on college football. Normally, I do not bet on games that involve teams I root for. Today however, I break both of those rules because I found $36.33 I didn’t know I had.

Every year I set aside $100 for betting on NFL games with hopes I’ll have some extra coin in my pocket by the time January rolls around. Some years go better than others and if I hit the $0 mark in week 9, like last year, I pack it in and wait to try again next season.

Today I logged in to deposit $100 for another NFL season when I noticed something, I had $36.33 allocated to poker chips. Poker Chips? I can’t remember the last time I even thought about playing poker. I had forgotten a while back a friend had tried to get me in to Texas Hold’em convincing me to cough up $20 to play online because “playing for free won’t teach you anything.” I anted up for couple weeks got lucky on a few hands and ended my Texas Hold’em career with $36.33. $36.33 I’d forget about for one reason or another until today. It’s kind of like reaching into a pocket of a freshly washed pair of jeans and pulling out some cash, a little present you left yourself to find at a later date.

Now I was presented with the question of what to do with my new found ‘wealth’. The sensible and financially responsible course of action would be to appreciate the find and consider only having to transfer in $74 this year a win. But you know where this is going. Why transfer in $74 when you can transfer in $0? Where could someone wager approximately $36 in order to win approximately $74? Look no further than my own alma mater, +210 on the money line against the Navy Midshipmen in the newly created Crab Bowl. A bet of $36.33 to win $76.29, are the stars aligning here or what?!?

Just yesterday on our 85th edition of the D.C. Sports Guys I predicted a 24-20 victory for the Terps so why not back it up? I placed the bet and now have a little be more to root for when 4pm rolls around, this year’s Sweet Action segment could be all on the house.

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  1. Way to hold em Terps! Nice bet by Kevin - $36.33 = $76.29. Eazy money --> $$$