NHL Suspension Policy.... I'd like to know what the hell it is.

Gary Bettman, what the hell is going on in the offices of the NHL? I understand that Brashear's hit on Betts was late, but even the league offices clarified that is was indeed a shoulder check. So naturally when I saw Mike Brown pummel Hulder with his shoulder more than a full second after Hulder gives up the puck, I thought, here comes another big suspension from the league. But to my surprise.... nothing. Here's the video:

Are you kidding me? Brash gets 6, and this warrants nothing? I'm just asking for some consistency here. If I was a member of the Red Wings organization I'd be pissed at the relativity identical style of hit and no punishment to show for it.

Then, in Game 2 of the Caps / Pens series this happens:

To me, that looks like an intentional cross check to the neck of a goalie. Something that could do serious harm to a player in a compromised position. But again, the masterminds in the NHL offices thought only a fine was needed. There is absolutely no consistency between the rulings of the NHL and what goes on, on the ice.

Apparently this is the NHL's policy on suspensions:
1. Was a penalty called on the ice? Was it a major?
  • If both are true than no suspension is needed. The player has already been punished and we don't need to deal with the problem, unless he was injured. Then refer to step 2.

2. Was the player injured? Did he return to the game?
  • If the player was not injured on the play then obviously the infraction was minor and we have better things to figure out here at NHL Headquarters like where the Coyotes will play next year.
  • If the player was injured make sure there was a game misconduct called. If so, we don't even need to look at the video.
  • If the player did not return to the game and no misconduct was called THROW THE FREAKING book at him! Come down hard to send a message to all players that if a ref doesn't make a severe enough call on the ice that we will make an example of you and parade our decision all over the media to show how we can police our sport.

When will the NHL learn that you don't suspend the outcome of an incident, but the incident itself or these things will never stop. If you want to "send a message" about these types of hits to the head then judge all incidents equally, NOT THEIR OUTCOMES!

Brash's hit:

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  1. The Brashear hit was good for a suspension. The Brown hit was questionable. He seemed to be admiring his pass (for whatever reason). If it was late, it was about .5 seconds late, if that.

    The Kunitz hit was pretty nasty and probably should've warranted at least 1 game suspension, but he's a top line player who is never in trouble with the league. If it happened again he would be suspended I bet. From what I understand, he got a pretty severe warning from the league.