Game 3: Washington 2, Pittsburgh 3

Wow. If there was ever an overtime win that could be considered a lopsided victory, this would be it. Tonight's game was between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Simeon Varlamov, and Varly almost won. The rest of the Caps should all apologize to their rookie net minder tonight because they threw away a brilliant performance between the pipes. Nothing seemed to click tonight. During one delayed penalty inside their own zone, the Capitals let Malkin skate around like he was an honored guest until Ovechkin came in a put a shoulder check on him. That pretty much sums up the entire game. I don't think I've seen the team as a whole stand around so much. They were late to puck, taking penalties because they were out of position, and on the wrong side of almost every hit. Today's game was eerily similar to the Capitals first series, except the Capitals were playing the role of the Ranagers, getting out played and being saved by a goalie.

Nylander needs to go, his turnovers are killing the team. When he is on the ice the Capitals are 0-3 in the postseason. Fill the spot with anyone, Keith Aucoin, Alexandre Giroux, I just don't want to see #92 on the ice on Friday.

Not much else to say. Penguins handed it to the Caps tonight, but Friday is another day. Which team will show? Only time will tell.


  1. On the bright side we are guaranteed to get to watcht two games in Scottsdale now. I think all of us taking over a bar to watch a Caps game is going to be rediculous.

  2. I deleted this game from my DVR immediately upon returning home last night.