Game 7: Pittsburgh A Lot, Washington Not so Much

Well, not really much to say about this one. As TJ said watching the game tonight, "there wasn't even enough time to get mad." Pittsburgh ran up the score so quick, the book on this game was closed early. Varlamov had a very poor opening where 3 of the first 4 goals should have been saves. Still, you can't hang it all on the young net minder. The defense wasn't there to help him out either. The Capitals got a good 'ol ass whooping, plain and simple.

Before the postseason started, everyone knew the big question marks for the Capitals would be goal tending and defense. Ultimately this is what brought the season to an end. However, outside of a bad (ok, terrible) Game 7, we have gotten to see what may be the rise of very young promising goalie, who without, a Game 7 may not have even been possible. Hopefully Varly can erase this game from his mind and with a regular season under his skates will become more accustom to the day in, day out, play of the NHL. Defense on the other hand leads to even more questions. Was Green playing with an injury? If so, how bad was it? Who is going to stay and who will go? Will Alzner be brought up for next season? Defense, as they say, wins championships, and I will be most interested in how the Capitals manage their blue liners for next season.

Not much else to say tonight. There was going to be a podcast recorded after the game, but none of us really felt like sitting behind the mic sounding all depressed, so we'll push that back to this weekend and see what happens.

I would personally like to thank everyone who contributed money to Caps Care though the Beard-A-Thon Challenge and would also like to thank the Washington Capitals for making hockey something special in the D.C. area again. While the outcome may not be what we wanted it's great to see Verizon rocking the red and hockey as the lead news story on TV and in the paper.


Extreemly hopeful for next season?
You better belive it.

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  1. I said it would happen, and it happened.

    Pens >>>>>>> Caps