The DC Sports Guys 4-13-2009

The Beard-A-Thon has begun! Kevin, Juicy, and Big J shaved today in hopes they will not need their razors again until the CAPS bring the Stanley Cup to Washington. Not only will they be competing to see who can grow the best playoff beard, but they are also participating in the Capitals Beard-A-Thon promotion to raise money for Caps Care. Caps Care creates programs that are designed to give back to the very community that has supported the Capitals for so many years. During the playoff run we will have links to each of our beards on the right sidebar. During this time feel free to comment on who's beard is most fierce and if you are in the giving mood you can donate as little as $10 for a one time donation or $0.50 for each day we are growing a beard and the Capitals are in the playoffs.
As always, send your comments, suggestions, or ideas to Intro Washington Capitals: 00:01:30 The Masters: 00:19:30 MLB: 00:41:20 Strikeforce / MMA / UFC: 01:04:00 End My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-9b155709476d2c6c3f2124b2a74f574b}

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