Change in Ultimate Fighter Philosophy?

The latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter had something refreshing which I can't remember seeing for a long time on the show. Actual insight to how the fighters train for an upcoming fight. In the past, viewers were forced to watch an hour show that included about 45 minutes of house antics followed by the one or two fights for that given week. While the "clothing left behind act" got a lot of play, a good part of the most recent episode included Bisping breaking down video, trainers on both sides working with the fighters, and the thought process going into a fight. It was something refreshing to see in a series that had been slowing degrading into meat headed version of MTV’s Real World. I only hope the show continues to grow in this direction. There are plenty of outlets to watch MMA fights and even more outlets to watch attention mongers vie for TV ratings. The Ultimate Fighter has the opportunity to give fans complete insight to the training process, something the casual fan knows little to nothing about.

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