The DC Sports Guys 4-01-2009

Along with our usual roundup of local sports, we have a special treat this episode. The Sandman calls into the show to run down the upcoming 25th WrestleMania. Now I know what everyone is going to ask. How do I call in? At the moment, unless you rock as much as the Sandman does... you don't. While it's "easy" to plan for a phone call, I still don't really know how to take random calls, so continue to post comments to the site and send emails to

As always, send your comments, suggestions, or ideas to

College Basketball: 00:01:30
WWE WrestleMania 25: 00:20:00
Capitals: 00:41:40
NFL / Redskins: 00:53:00
Golf / Orioles: 01:07:00

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