Pittsburgh Bound - No show on Sunday

TJ and I are leaving for Pittsburgh today and will hopefully be able to watch a hockey game once we get there.  The weather outlook for the Winter Classic is less than stellar at the moment calling for highs in the low 50s and rain.  The NHL is not worried about the temperature as much as the water that could fall from the sky.  If they have to game officials are willing to move the game to as late as 8pm on Saturday or noon on Sunday.  Obviously moving the game to Sunday would be a huge ratings hit for the Classic as it would be going up against the final week in the NFL.

Saturday forecast from Weather.com:

Whenever they decide to drop the puck this weekend TJ and I will be cheering on the Caps from section 511 in Heinz Field.  We are canceling the show for this Sunday but you can follow us on TwitterFacebook, and FourSquare throughout the weekend for our thoughts on Pittsburgh, the weather, the Caps and the overall fan experience during the Winter Classic.

The show will be back at Griffin's Grill next Sunday, January 9, for the first weekend of the NFL playoffs.

Happy New Year and GO CAPS!

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