Sweet Action: Week 6, Could this be it?

Kevin, the host of the D.C. Sports Guys, will start the NFL season with $100 of his own money. The objective is simple: make as much money as possible betting on NFL games. No funds can be added during the season and if the account ever hits $0 Kevin will have to pack it in and admit defeat.

For the second week in a row I've hit on exactly zero bets.  It's only week 6 and things are pretty grim.  The Rams not only failed to cover against Lions, it's debatable if they even got off the plane.   The Chargers fell to the Raiders and the Saints seem to have more problems every week after taking it on the chin in Arizona.  Out of three parlays last week exactly 1 team from each lost leaving only $30.97 left to gamble with.  Could it be? The end? After just 6 weeks?  One bet will decide my fate.  Everything is on the line in a 4-team teaser which includes 2 dogs that should win, a team that can cover, and favorite to win.

The Bet:

Bet #26: 4 Team Teaser

  • Baltimore Ravens +10 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: New England Patriots
    Teased 7.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons +10 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(218) Philadelphia Eagles
    Teased 7.0 points
  • Detroit Lions +17 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor: New York Giants
    Teased 7.0 points
  • New York Jets +3½ Sun@4:05p
    Competitor: Denver Broncos
    Teased 7.0 points

Risk US$ 30.97 to win US$ 61.94

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