Sweet Action: Stop the bleeding in Week 5

Kevin, the host of the D.C. Sports Guys, will start the NFL season with $100 of his own money. The objective is simple: make as much money as possible betting on NFL games. No funds can be added during the season and if the account ever hits $0 Kevin will have to pack it in and admit defeat.

Instead of listening to me, you might be better off investing sub-prime mortgages.  You'd lose less money and have a chance to get bailed out by the government. Following me will just lead you into going 0-6 and turn what was 20% of winnings on the season into a %40 loss.  I was wary of relying on so many favored teams in week 4 and as it turns out, I should have just taken a bye week.   The Titans struggled against another 3-4 defense, Peyton couldn't overcome a pitiful Colt's defense, Cincinnati never led against the Browns, and the Bears decided to take a week off from pass blocking.

With the account down to a mere $60.97 I'm looking for redemption this week. Or at least around $40 in winnings so I can take a deep breath and re-set for Week 6.  The Falcons and Saint should both roll to victory over vastly inferior opponents and I don't think the addition of Randy Moss will be enough for the Vikings this week against the Jets.  The Titans and Rams are dogs against teams with losing records, while they may not win I expect both to keep their respective games close.

$30 is on the line to win $52.07 in Week 5.  Check out the entire season of wagers, payouts and losses here.

The Bets

Bet #23: 3 Team Teaser

  • St. Louis Rams +10 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(418) Detroit Lions
    Teased 7.0 points
  • Atlanta Falcons +4 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(420) Cleveland Browns
    Teased 7.0 points
  • Tennessee Titans +14 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor:(434) Dallas Cowboys
    Teased 7.0 points

Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 14.00

Bet #24: 3 Team Parlay
  • Baltimore Ravens -320 Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(411) Denver Broncos
  • San Diego Chargers -270 Sun@4:15p
    Competitor:(432) Oakland Raiders
  • New York Jets -4 (-115) Mon@8:35p
    Competitor:(437) Minnesota Vikings

Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 23.63

Bet #25: 2 Team Parlay
  • Atlanta Falcons -3 (-120) Sun@1:00p
    Competitor:(420) Cleveland Browns
  • New Orleans Saints -300 Sun@4:05p
    Competitor:(430) Arizona Cardinals

Risk US$ 10.00 to win US$ 14.44

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