Wrestlemania Predictions

Since the segment on Friday did not go so smoothly (darn tech issues!!), I figure that I would just post some quick preditions for The Granddaddy of em all...WRESTLEMANIA!

Diva's Tag Match featuring All Faces vs All Heels:

Thrown in at the last minute so I say whatever team Beth Phoenix is on with Beth pinning Michelle McCool setting up their title program. It's a shame because the WWE actually has a couple good female wrestlers but Vince will always want eye candy with limited in ring skills (except Lita and Trish Stratus).

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk/If Mysterio loses, he joins the Straight Edge Society:

This program is just getting started so I see CM Punk winning and furthering a potentially great feud. Punk is a much more effective heel because he can play off of his lifestyle because most wrestling fans probably do drink, smoke and do a few drugs. Mysterio rarely has a bad match and is always exciting to watch so this match will be the start of a great feud.

HHH vs Sheamus:

Sheamus and HHH are training partners and word is that HHH likes Sheamus. With that being said, I don't think that HHH is gonna put over the Celtic Warrior tonight. Sheamus got the big upset over Cena and Orton but I think Sheamus will look strong in defeat and beat HHH in the next PPV.

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase Jr vs Cody Rhodes:

This will be an interesting match to see if the WWE decides to keep Legacy as a stable or completely break up the group. Conventional wisdom says that Orton gets the big win and he will complete his face turn but keep the viper characteristics. The fan boy in me says that Randy and Cody are working together and turn on Ted since he was supposed to become a face in the near future. I am going with the wisdom saying that Orton wins once Ted Jr and Cody start trying to get the win.

Brett Hart vs Vince McMahon:

I am glad to see the Hitman return to the WWE but I feel that this feud is about five years too late. Hart is limited due to his age and health problems (stroke in early 2000's) so I know that we won't get to see the old Hitman. McMahon is also limited in the ring so this will be a short match (I hope) with McMahon tapping out in the sharpshooter. Since WWE is PG and blood/blading is outlawed, the match will not tell as great a story because I do want to see Vince busted open. It made the Hogan vs McMahon matche at Wrestlemania XIX pretty damn good.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring MVP, Christian, Evan Bourne, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston:

At the beginning of the year I would've said that Kofi Kingston was winning since he was getting a pretty big push but he is now been cooled. I know we will see some nice spots with Kingston/Bourne/Benjamin since they are some of the best athletes in the WWE but none of them will win. Swagger and Ziggler have been buried along with MVP. Kane is just there to add the big freakin haus (thanks Barsa!) so that leaves Christian and McIntyre. While I think that Christian has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING since returning to WWE I see McIntyre winning. Vince is supposedly very high on him and Drew got to beat a "local competitor" to gain entry into the match. The previous two losses for Drew were "erased" from the record books. Hope I am wrong and we get the major swerve but...

Morrison and R Truth vs ShowMiz (c) for the Unified Tag Titles:

There is no tag division and this will be a fairly quick match with the champs retaining. I like Morrision and R Truth individually but I think the material they have as a tag team is pretty bad. Morrision a great wrestler but better heel so I am hoping for a heel turn and individual pushes for Morrision/Truth. I like the ShowMiz team as Miz has become a better heel and Big Show works best when he is a comedic character and not just a big monster.

Edge vs Chris Jericho (c) for the World Title:

Jericho will always be my favorite wrestler. He is a hard worker who is never injured and will always put over people. It is never a good thing when he enters Wrestlemania as a Champion. I expect the return of Edge to be complete with a big win tonight. I think this will be a great feud but it works better as a grudge match with no belt in the picture.

John Cena vs Batista (c) for the WWE Championship:

I love how this match has come together and I love Big Dave as a heel. His promo from this past Monday made me want that match right away. The crowd started to chant "you can't wrestle" to Cena. Cena played off of it because it casts doubt in his mind that he can win. Batista has gotten the better of Cena and has injured him in the past. This feud will continue and I am predicitng the UPSET with Batista retaining. I have a feeling that Cena will win but it will further their feud and it will build Batista in a way that his career has not seen. Cena's character could have a makeover in the future as a heel similar to Batista.

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker Career vs Streak:

This should close the show but I hear that Cena/Batista is last. Nothing needs to be said as this has been basically a year in the making. Michaels has been tormenting the Undertaker and put some doubt that the Undertaker could lose. At the end of the day, however, the streak will not end tonight and Michaels will lose. The Streak, if it ever ends, should go to an up and comer (like Randy Orton a few years ago) Rumor is that Michaels is set to retire after Wrestlemania but I think that he has one more left. One way to do this is to have the win tainted by outside interferene (hello HHH heel turn??) and to have Michaels have one final match so he can go out with a win. This match will steal the show again so get ready to be amazed.

Anyway, I hope to get all of these correct but I will see and we will revisit this following Wrestlemania!

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