No love for the Terps

Gearing up for the Maryland vs. Michigan State game this morning I came across this gem of a video. CBS Sports had their “experts” break down today's match-up talking about “Connecticut's Jordan Williams”, how the Spartans close victory against New Mexico St. was “just one of those nights”, and how Maryland “doing anything against [Houston] doesn't matter”. They also provided great insight by comparing Maryland's “second place finish in the ACC” to a Spartan's team “that tied for the regular season title in the Big Ten”. In other words Michigan State is awesome and looking up correct facts about the Terps appears to be a waste of time.

You would hope that clips like this along with comments from our President this past week about how “Maryland has a great player, but Michigan State has a great coach” would provide plenty of bulletin board material for a team that has been under-rated for most of the season.

I'm not saying that Maryland should be considered a runaway favorite today, but come on, can't the Terps get a little bit of love from the national media? Let's not forget last year this same Maryland team found a way to beat both 2009 NCAA Finalists, North Carolina and... wait for it.... Michigan State.

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