Redskins, beer pong, and the Royal Rumble

In this edition of the DC Sports Guys we look back at the Redskin's 2008 season and discuss the glaring problems that led to the team tanking in the second half of the season. Putting a new spin on the show, we actually disagree on many topics! Who knows, we may get this radio show thing down yet. Also, this time around Jeremy express his views on Rick Riley's article on beer pong and we bring in the "Sandman" to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble and how he views the WWE panning out over the next few months.

Take a listen, leave some comments, our next show will be sometime this week where we will talk about the results of the Affliction event, predict outcomes for UFC 94, and discuss the upcoming Superbowl.


  1. I only listen to the first five minutes of each show. But this was a very entertaining first five minutes. Keep it coming.

  2. That show was a 1000% improvement over the last show.