Let's try it again!

Between the NFL playoff games today, TJ, K.Wolf, The Juicy One, and I sat down to try and recover from a rough first attempt at putting together our own little talk show. The start was a bit rough when there was a bit of confusion over who should talk, resulting in me yaking a lot to begin the show. Others step up quickly though, as we go over the Arizona game, the fall of Maryland basketball, the rise of the Capitals, the firing of Gruden and a wrap of yesterdays UFC event. If I had to rate this show... I'd say it's better than the first! I think we all sound bit tense during the show and we need to work towards loosening up and converse as we do when we are sitting in front of the TV or at the game, but that will come with time. On the plus side no microphones go out this time and I feel the show gets better as it goes along. Sit tight, we yak for almost 40 minutes this time around with a special appearance by Big J at the end.

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