Calling All Brackets

Since we have absolutely nothing we can give away as a prize for winning, we'll keep it simple.

1. Fill out a bracket
2. Enter it in one or both of the following groups
3. Talk smack about how you know more than "The Guys"
4. Win bragging rights for a year


  1. I tried to sign into the CBS league and got this message:

    "This is a private fantasy league. You are logged in with a user id which does not have access to this league. If you think this is wrong, please contact the league commissioner and ask for an invite."

  2. Looks like CBS is being a pain this year and is requiring me to manually add email address as well as ask for a password.

    Created a Group at ESPN that is both public and unlocked:

  3. I found a work around for the cbs site. Go to this page:

    And then use "Mayhem" for the sport, dcsportsguys for the league abbreviation, and dcsg for the password and you're in.

    However, I still can't figure out how to leave a league. It automatically puts you into any league you were in from up to 2 years ago and wont let you get out of it!