Pictures from the Classic

Neither TJ's or my data connections were working from Heinz Field last night. We hoped to give updates on the fan experience but Verizon and AT&T let us down.  Here are some great shots from our friend Steve who was sitting with us.  A blog will follow later this week about the trip.

View of Heinz Field from Mt. Washington

View of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington

The Ford Excursion "limo" we rented for the day

Inside the Ford Excursion

Kevin McGrath, friend of the show Matt, TJ Ryan, friend of the show Steve

Walking into Heinz Field

View from the ramp walking up to section 511

Kevin before the game started
Capitals Warm Up
Panoramic view of Heinz Field
More to come once we get back home.

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  1. Capitals-Penguins is inarguably the greatest NHL rivalry today!

    Every game is a battle!

    NHL have Division Championship,
    Conference Championship,
    Stanley Cup Championship and
    since 2005-2006 season the CAPS-PENS Championship!

    The yesterday's game was a further proof!

    Watch out for that:

    10/16/2008 Capitals 4 @ 3 Penguins
    01/14/2009 Capitals 6 @ 3 Penguins
    02/22/2009 Penguins 2 @ 5 Capitals
    03/08/2009 Penguins 4 SO @ 3 Capitals
    01/21/2010 Capitals 6 @ 3 Penguins
    02/07/2010 Penguins 4 @ 5 OT Capitals
    03/24/2010 Penguins 3 @ 4 SO Capitals
    04/06/2010 Capitals 6 @ 3 Penguins
    12/23/2010 Penguins 3 SO @ 2 Capitals
    01/01/2011 Capitals 3 @ 1 Penguins [NHL Winter Classic]

    Final Result in the last 10 regular season games:

    Remarkable Record for Washington Capitals 8-0-2 against Pittsburg Penguins!

    8 wins and just 2 shootout losses!