For those of you that don't know Mr. Tony Kornheiser has been suspended by the ESPN brass for comments he made on his radio show about Hannah Storm's wardrobe. Now am I the only one that finds this completely absurd? Not only has he been suspended but its for two weeks. I really have a hard time understanding this decision by ESPN. Was what he said all that offensive? He just complained about the clothes she had been wearing. Who cares? Just another reason for me to not watch ESPN. I already can't stand Sports Center or any of their E60 segments. The only show I watch on ESPN with any regularity is PTI and that is because of Mr. Tony!

Who was complaining about what he said? Middleaged women from across America that don't listen to his show in the first place? I simply don't understand the rationale behind the majority of what ESPN does.

So I will still listen to what Mr.Tony has to say everyday on the radio (thanks to Dan Synder owning the radio station) and I won't be watching PTI until he is back on.

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