Greivis Vasquez keeps fan's love/hate relationship with Terps basketball alive

In what should be no surprise to anyone, Greivis Vasquez will be returning to Maryland to play in his senior year. After exploring the draft, Vasquez realized that no NBA team wants to deal with a top 10 ego wrapped in mid-level talent. For Maryland fans, another season of loving to hate their team is right around the corner. Another season of explaining that they really do like Terps basketball, but hate the fact that Vasquez is their best player. Another season to hate the way he pounds his chest after making layups, hate the way he drives the lane with no clue of what he wants to do with the ball, hate the designs he shaves into the scrub on his face, hate how he talks trash to players and and the fans, and finally, hate that there is no one else on the team who can fill his role.

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